Hardy’s Stamp, Sparkling Chardonnay Pinont Noir

Another Aussie sparkling wine for this blog. We piked up this particular bottle at World Liquor System(TM), in Sendai Japan because it’s a lot cheaper to buy Aussie sparkling wine at Liquor System in Japan than at Villa, Bangkok. In fact, this green bottle only set us back ¥1,000, a bit under 300 Thai Baht. The same thing in Villa starts around Bt700.

There is, of course, the danger that such contraband will be detected at customs, but Miss Sachie and I are sure to evenly distribute bottles in the luggage to avoid such entanglements.

Enough of that! What’s it like? Well, it’s, like, cheap sparkling wine. There’s nothing bad about it, it starts sweet and fizzy on your tongue, then nothing. Until the next mouthful, that is.

For character, it ain’t no Brut. Hardy’s is stamping on the sweeter side of life and this not particularly fizzy blend doesn’t pose many challenges. Take it to a party, but not a dinner party. Best enjoyed cheap and well chilled.

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