Wolfblass Eaglehawk 2018 Chardonnay

Wolfblass has a reputation for being a shit wine in Australia, which is probably why they are following the trail blazed by that other great Australian shit wine, Jacob’s Creek, and are now flooding the world with cheap plonk and working their way upmarket.

Miss Sachi bought this as cooking wine (which is a little unfair to put right at the start, but that’s truth in journalism for you) and saved a little for me in the fridge as she knows I’m white-curious. So it is that I find myself anticipating the enjoyment of a cold, crisp white after a hard day’s toil in the (balcony) garden.

First impressions are: “Cheap red is better than cheap white”. The ;label says “Citrus aromas, melon and white peach flavours with a hint of oak on the palate”. What the label omits is that this white should also make for an excellent cleaning fluid.

Initial taste is harsh bold leaving the driver in no doubt of the low-budget nature of the purchase (Bt399 at Villa). Normally, I would write that there’s probably a market of white daily-drivers who keep Wolfblass afloat but I suspect that one can do better even in this price bracket. Good for cooking though.

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  1. I think you are being a little unkind to the late Mr Blass. His wines were in the past sold (in Australia) under a variety of labels- yellow, red, grey & black. The price- point varied, yellow cheapest up to black. There may have been other labels, I never partook in his wines. To say they were shit wines may label you as a yellow label cheapskate.
    However I concede you drank this wine, & passed your opinion on it. May you have been perhaps a little prejudiced?
    Might I suggest that if you are sampling the wine at home, & Sachie bought it, you have her cover the label & do a blind sampling. And you could reciprocate. Give an opinion, then reveal the plonk. That could leave open some very amusing results. (Did you detect a delicate peach overlaying a cool citrus, with a lingering of blackberries in the finish)?
    I have only checked out 2 reviews so far. I’ll read on. Pardon me while I refill my glass. W

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