Baron De Lestac, 2017 Bordeaux Rosé

The Rosé Яevolution is in full swing and Sachi and I are late to the party.

A dear friend of mine once declared that “Rosé is for people who can’t make their mind up.” The pale tipple also has associations with grand-aunts and homosexuality that has put it at the back of the rack for full-bodied red drinkers.

But the only constant is change and the not-so humble Rosé has climbed from the bottom of the supermarket shelf to dominate half an aisle of E.Leclerc in La Defence West in Paris.

We grabbed this one somewhat at random and found it, somewhat, dry and light. Kind of like a cross between red and white, surprise surprise.

Served cold, it does exactly what Rosé is supposed to do — be a light refreshing accompaniment to your picnic that packs enough punch that your date will be undoing her blouse buttons and cooing that it’s such a hot day in no time.

To sum up, very drinkable, would buy again (for €4). Not a bad foray into the pink side of wines but no doubt there’s better ones around.

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